Karen’s Kitchen in Kapitolyo

First things first, the Coffee Japanese Cheesecake was so good. Try it if you visit.

Now that I got that out of the way, a new cake spot just opened next to my condo building in Kapitolyo and I checked it out (of course). A big teddy bear gave me and my sister a warm welcome.

“Why don’t you guys sit down and order a cake?”, the bear said.

Okay, I’m not really sure if it was the bear or my brain talking to me since the place smelled like they’re baking something good. Something really good. The place looked awesome as well.

Karen's Kitchen

Karen's Kitchen

Karen's Kitchen

The restroom tho

Karen's Kitchen

Karen's Kitchen

Karen's Kitchen

Karen's Kitchen

Karen's Kitchen

Awesome right?

Know more about Karen’s Kitchen at http://karenskitchen.com.ph/ and give it a try.

4 thoughts on “Karen’s Kitchen in Kapitolyo

  1. Hi Marcus!! Thanks to you and Mika for coming over!! I posted this with the link to this article on my FB timeline: Thrilled (as though I’ve been given a key to the Pevensies’ wardrobe) that a young man who likes Mortal Kombat and rap likes not just our cakes but the new Karen’s Kitchen shop!!! My son feared only grammies and tita triads (my category) would come. Yay!! Thanks so much YoMarcus for making my day! So happy to have you and Mika! Please visit us and Mr. Bear again soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Karen! Congratulations and you’re welcome. Thank you for sharing this link too.

      I do like a lot of things and you’ll probably be surprised with how random and varied my interests are.

      We will be visiting a lot for sure (since I just live in the condo building next to it) and try everything on the menu 🙂 I’ve heard good things about the Red Velvet cake so I’m planning to try it the next time I drop by.

  2. I’m so glad you dropped in and enjoyed everything! ” Voila” all your 5 senses feasted in Karens Kitchen. Thank you! Joi Cutter aka “Design Therapist”

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