What is Nike Rise?

Here’s the deal.

Nike Rise is a reality documentary and basketball development program. Through a nation-wide search, Nike will scout for young talents and will provide a platform to inspire and enable them to rise above their limits. Rise is open to everyone. Rise will be aired on TV5 every Sunday starting July.

Interested? Read more about the tryouts HERE

Get it? Read on if you want to know more about #RISE. I got me some photos from the launch too. Let’s go.


Nike’s first-ever reality documentary basketball program in the Philippines, bringing the best in innovation and training to enable athletes to rise beyond their limits

Manila, Philippines, 23 June 2015 – Nike announced the launch of Rise in the Philippines today, its first ever reality documentary and basketball development program. The program hopes to inspire young Filipinos to discover that the ability to rise is in everyone, raise their game and realize their true basketball potential.

This is the first time Nike is bringing such an opportunity to Philippines’ young street ballers. Through a nation-wide search, Nike will scout for young talents and provide a platform to inspire and enable them to rise above their limits. Rise is open to all who show that they have what it takes to rise above. Regional try-outs will happen in four major cities: Dagupan (June 27), followed by Manila (June 28), Cebu (July 4) and Davao (July 5). Interested basketballers can also write in to Nike.com for a chance to be invited to try-out.

“True to Nike’s mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete, Rise will encourage and provide opportunities to everyday athletes to go beyond their comfort zone. The selected Rise players will try out the latest product innovations, as well as access to professional training through coaches and athletes. Through Rise, we will enable and inspire athletes to rise beyond their limits and realize their full potential,” says Patrick Reyes, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines.

Lifestyle of an athlete
During the six weeks, the Rise players will be immersed in a Nike athlete’s experience, living and training together. Nike will bring the best in training and inspiration to 24 of the best from the try-outs. The training is led by Chot Reyes as Head Coach, and Jimmy Alapag as Assistant Coach. It will encompass technical training, as well as strength and conditioning sessions. There will also be guest coaches and mentors as part of the six-week training program.

House of Rise
House of Rise will be the centre-point of the campaign, and the main training ground for Rise players. Players will train and hone their basketball skills and abilities there in a tailored training program by the Coaches. Rise players will benefit from the elevated training tools, digitally enabled to provide insight into an athlete’s technical performance through speed, shooting and basketball IQ. It will also celebrate the culture of Basketball – both globally and locally.

Basketball innovations
Nike Rise players will be enabled with the best Nike Basketball product innovations that include both training apparel and footwear. An exclusive curation of t-shirts and footwear for Nike Rise will also be available at selected Nike stores beginning July 2015.

Follow the Rise journey
The audience can follow the journey of Rise on TV5, every Sunday starting July. For behind-the-scenes and additional training content, go to Nike.com. Keep track of online content through #Rise.

On with the photos




We are ready, Nike.







You already know.


Ah. Loving the logo.



Jimmy Alapag and Chot Reyes share their Rise moments.


*Applause* Rise sounds dope and I can’t wait to watch it. Awesome stuff, Nike Philippines.

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