You! Yes, you!

Just a quick message to everyone who supported me and my music last 2015. Goes out to everyone who constantly visits my site as well. Love yall guys.

Let me take this time to appreciate you guys for the support you have been giving me this 2015.

To the websites who trusted me enough to let my music be featured, thank you for giving me a chance to share my art to thousands of your followers/visitors. (, Purveyr, Radio Republic, SOULFIESTA)

To my Lunch Money homies (A.N.E., and League of Paul), you guys are two of the best rappers and producer I know. Thank you for being so dope that I give myself an extra push just to keep up with the way you work on your craft. Keeping me on my toes and shit. Let’s stay grinding.

My video and photo peeps, thank you for making my work easier. There never was a hard time working with yall since our creative vision syncs smoothly.

To my sister acting as my manager, thank you for taking care of the things that I need to do, but I don’t want to do lol

To the producers who trust me enough to let me bless their beats with my verses, thank you for the trust. Having me on your project/song means a lot to me.

To everyone who shared, reposted, liked, streamed, downloaded, retweeted, regrammed my music on your social media accounts, thank you for the support. I really appreciate the time, bandwidth, and effort you guys put in just to check out music from an unknown artist like me.

In my eyes, the way you support independent music makes you way way cooler than the people who just listens to what the mainstream media feeds them. You guys are fucking awesome! Stay Top Tier.

Hope you guys are still down for the ride this 2016. Thank you and may you have a dope 2016.

Marcus Prolifik


Photo credits: Maphie Bolalin and Cheng Ortaleza

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