Press Start


Instrumental by DJ Premier – “Come Clean”

Motherfuckers don’t want to rhyme on a Premo beat
I be like, “Let me take it and let me break it down
for you fake heads, here’s a statement
Show respect even if you don’t embrace it”
And also to rap players that are trap haters
Hear a new school song and be like, “That’s lamer
compared to what we do back in the day”
Just hear me out for a minute, if that is okay
What’s dope is dope, regardless of the timeline
A fine rhyme at any given angle is a fine rhyme
and that’s why I’m spitting these fine lines
My heart’s crying all these emotions and my mind’s trying
to find the words just to answer these
How can I make every inch of my work a fucking masterpiece
In simpler words, I do my best bro
Yes yo, every bar I Slayed (Slade) like I’m Deathstroke


I aint wasting to effort in making a record
Amazing how I’m blazing it better
It’s like I’m changing the weather the way I’m making these letters
evaporate in the air, form a storm and I’m making it greyer
A loud thunder thunder arrives, leave you stunned and surprised
see a whole village run for their lives
Like I’m a mad titan that’s mad tight and
mad frightening when I cast lightning with my fast writing
and that’s all of the facts
so why copy and dab if I can honestly rap
and I’ll be probably and oughta be on top of you cats
MJ jumpshot just to rock with your Jazz
All I bring is sick raps, I’m not a hip cat
I advise that you believe that
I’ll be bringing home the bacon riding on the pig’s back

All Hype for the hoodie –
Lunch Money Project –

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